IT Consulting

TAB Software offers a complete range of customized IT consulting services designed to meet your needs at an affordable price.
Network Services, Servers and Storage
Network services, servers and storage are the core of IT infrastructure. Professional assessment of IT assets and capacities is the core of TAB Software's IT business. TAB Software consultants know the latest developments in network services, servers and storage, and we help customers decide if the benefits of new equipment outweigh the costs. We never recommend acquisition of new assets unless they will result in measurable benefits. This determination is based on a thorough analysis of our clients' current and projected operations.
Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory
Microsoft Windows Server Active Directory® service is an enterprise-class directory service that is scalable, built using Internet-standard technologies and delivered with Microsoft Windows 2008 Server. It is the central point for isolating, migrating, centrally managing and reducing the number of directories found in a network. Using it can simplify management, strengthen security and increase interoperability. Even though not every organization will immediately implement Active Directory services when deploying Windows 2003 Server or Windows 2008 Server, the solution does offer many advantages.
Exchange Server Deployment and Conversions
Microsoft Exchange Server delivers a reliable, scalable, and easy-to-manage platform with round-the-clock email and team support as well as low cost of ownership. Microsoft Exchange Server supports a wide array of collaborative activities, such as group scheduling capabilities, discussion areas, and team folders, and furthermore makes available data that extends over geographic, logical, and technology divisions with productivity enhancer's such as Instant Messaging, on-demand data, and video conferencing.
Database Servers, Reporting Services and Data Mining
The amount of information stored on today's information systems can be overwhelming. TAB Software can provide the expertise to help you with your database needs:
  1. Server Consolidation and Migration
  2. Design and Installation
  3. Performance Analysis and Tuning
  4. In-Depth Report Analysis
  5. Management and Maintenance
  6. Backup and Recovery
Regional On-Site IT Support

TAB Software offers regional on-site IT support covering northeastern Indiana.

Contact us today to learn how TAB Software can provide expert knowledge and support for your IT infrastructure.